VectorMC's Privacy Policy

[v1.0] Privacy Policy subject to change

VectorMC collects and stores information about our players in a few different ways:

  1. When you create an account on our website we store your email address securely in our database. We use your email address for verification purposes and to possibly send updates.
  2. You are not required to enter any personal information on your profile page. It is all optional and is only used to share within the community.
  3. All text sent through the in-game chat is saved indefinitely. Only Administrators and Developers have access to this stored information, which we only use to investigate reports of harassment and other rule violations.
  4. The IP address you use to connect to our website or game servers is securely stored in our database. Only Administrators, Developers, and Senior Moderators have access to IP address records. They are sometimes used to find alternate accounts of banned players.
  5. When you make a purchase in our shop, your payment information is sent directly to either PayPal, our payment processor. We do not store payment information on our own servers.

VectorMC only collects user information for improving the general user experience. All sensitive information is visible to only high ranked staff members that require it to do their job.