[ISSUE #6] The Vector Report

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March 24, 2019 at 4:29 PM

[ISSUE #06] The Vector Report

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to the 6th issue of The Vector Report!
The Senior Staff staff team will be using this newsletter to communicate and update you all on our projects and progress in our endeavours in VectorMC.
Please leave your feedback and suggestions for this newsletter in the comments below.

The VectorMC Senior Staff Team.

Promotions, Demotions & Retirements

We are currently in the process of revamping our entire staff team to accommodate a smaller and newer community. 

New Marketing/Advertising Strategies 

We understand that the server has been quite stagnant recently, but we are hopefully looking to change that with an overhaul of our staff team, growing our community and many advertisements. This will include redoing the discord server to look more modern and sleek. This will help new players be more inclined to stay, and will east navigation of our sites and new updates. So here are the specific steps we will be taking to grow our community. 

  • Prune our discord server to remove any extremely inactive members
  • Run at least 2 discord advertisements which should help us gain at least another 100-175 members
  • Hire 2 Youtubers and 2 streamers (with a primarily PvP focused community) to help advertise the server
  • Grow our staff team to have active moderators to maintain our community

A Note from Koja

Hello all,

 I know it’s been a while since you have heard from us, but I’m hoping we can change that in the future. Personally, I’ve been quite busy with my final few months of high school, which has kept me from playing video games for a while. Even though I haven’t been as active as I would like, my intentions remain the same. My vision has always been to keep the legacy of Avicus and Atlas going, even if it means starting from scratch with the community. In the coming weeks, you can expect a lot of change to the whole network, which means we will be leaving some Avicus fragments behind. That means new staff, managers and members who will be joining our community. As our community grows, I hope you can see a new beginning to the Atlas timeline. My goal has been and always will be free, high quality gameplay to a vibrant community. In the coming weeks, I will be redoing much of the network’s previous systems (staff, marketing, discord) in an effort to modernize and adjust to a newer climate of players. Here’s some of what you can expect this week:

  • Redoing the discord server’s channels and organization 
  • Pruning the discord for inactive members from 30 days ago 
  • Announcement of new in game ranks system
  • Discord advertisements
  • Moderator applications
I hope you all enjoy the new changes coming to Vector

Development Updates

Here is what the Developers have been working on and implementing:

    • The forums layout was revamped
    • Speed enhancements have been made to make the website easier to use
    • Scrim servers have been temporarily closed for renovations. 
    • Some UI changes to Atlas to be more accessible to new players. 
    • We will be working on redoing our discord server to be more accessible, and generally more easy to use for new players. 
    • The discord bot’s music playback has been improved

Among all of these, we have also fixed some issues and added some features. If you see something not working correctly, say something! Report issues and bugs to us by either contacting a Developer or submit your issue on our issue tracker: https://github.com/VectorMC/Issues

Staff Applications

Due to our revamp of the staff system, we will be opening staff applications for moderator in a couple weeks. 

Developer Applications

Developer applications are always open and we’re always looking for new developers who would like to join the team.

Positions with Requirements:
In-Game Developer:
Required Experience with:
Java and running Minecraft Servers
Recommended to be experienced with:
Bash, Jenkins, Travis, Maven, and Git

Web Developer:
Required Experience:
PHP, Laravel, HTML and JavaScript
Recommended to be experienced with:
Bash, CSS, Git, and MySQL

If you meet these requirements, consider applying here: https://goo.gl/forms/IU8i2sQUeUhlr4J12

Our Media Platforms

Follow our media platforms for information on announcements, updates, and events.
YouTube: N/A (soon)

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