It's time to move on [Retirement Post].

shadowolfyt   Developer   Advisor   User
February 1, 2019 at 9:22 PM

Hello There [], Myself and Cammy have come to a joined decision that it is our time to leave the Vector Network.
When we came on board, we stated that it would only be temporary, since we do take school/college, work and other life commitments over managing a Minecraft Server.

That time has now come. As of the today, the 1st of February, myself and Cammy will be retiring from our roles as Administrator. We have loved working with the staff team and we are proud of how far this project has come since starting it.

We both see great potential in Vector, but with our increasingly busy schedules which take higher priority in our lives, we cannot stick around to see that potential blossom. We have given the Administration team everything to get this all started and to continue to move on, to press on, to success.

We’ve been very grateful for this opportunity to help manage this server with the rest of the awesome staff team we have now and can see a promising future ahead. We have talked to the administration and will be staying on as Advisors and occasionally assisting the administration team and I [shadowolf] will be staying on as a Developer helping out with the web aspect of the Network.

shadowolf & Cammy

wish you the best, both of you are legends :)

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