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A network aiming to provide an amazing community and quality gamemodes.

Who are we?

VectorMC is a team of staff and developers doing our best to provide you with the absolute best experience possible Minecraft PVP experience. Created in mid-2017 as a UHC server as PagodaUHC and expanding to Pagoda Network. Since then, we have went from gamemode to gamemode eventually ending up with the Atlas PvP Game Manger (PGM).

Building off the legacy of previous PGM servers, VectorMC strives to become the home of high quality PvP gamemodes. We currently offer fast paced strategy gamemodes including Destroy the Monument (DTM), Destroy the Core (DTC), Capture the Wool (CTW), Capture the Flag (CTF), and much, much, more!


Minecraft PVP

VectorMC hosts various PVP gamemodes both classic and unique including Capture the Wool, Destroy the Monument, and many more to come! In addition to that we have over 100+ community made maps for everyone to enjoy so you will never run out of things to do.



Coming soon, we will start awarding players as they play in the form of credits. Credits can be redeemed for pets, gadgets, disguises, and more.

Teams and Stats

Form a team, and compete against each other to become the best of the best! Teams can register for tournaments and earn prizes for winning these tournaments. Kills, wins, deaths, and credits are tracked! Compare yourself to other players, compete to be the #1 player!


VectorMC is powered by the community and their contributions to the server. We all are different, but we all have a common love for Minecraft and fun! Discuss on the forums, or voice and text chat via Discord!


Discord a voice chat for gamers. With the ability to voice, video, and text chat, you can strategically organize a point capture, or hang out with other people in rooms and have lots of fun!

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